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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Suggestions for Phenomenal Math Resources in the Classroom

After a year of teaching Language Arts to two classes, I am going back to teaching all subjects as a gifted teacher. For some reason, I am ecstatic about the subject that gave me the most grief growing up (and my first B in fourth grade!)-- Math. (No offense, Mrs. Runde and Mrs. Sloane-- two math teachers I admire and adore.) However, I have learned over time that math can be the most exciting, hands-on hour of the day in my classroom!

During the 2011-2012 school year (I believe around the time of state testing), the class completed an activity that was kind of modeled after games where they sketched a plot and "purchased" items. You see the illustration above included her "inventory" on the right and how much she "purchased" of each item. The students then had to write out an algebraic expression for how much "money" they spent in all to set up their gardens. 

Students also developed menus for their fictitious restaurants where they assigned prices to their foods and drinks. They then had to write and show the solutions for at least five algebraic word problems that had to do with people eating in their restaurant. For example: The family ordered two plates of fried shrimp, one triple cheeseburger, and three double caramel sundaes along with free waters. Write out the algebraic expression-- and SOLVE-- for how much the family spent. So the student would show ($3.92 x 2) + ($7.59 x 1) + ($3.64 x 3) along with the solution. Students could also apply taxes and have the families give the waiters or waitresses "tips" in their problems. 

I figured out from using many resources and developing some on my own that math can be an invigorating adventure! Here are some other resources I have enjoyed using and/or recommend: 
There are also teachers online who have developed phenomenal resources I'd love to share, starting with the top download on Teachers Pay Teachers right now from Jennifer Runde. 
  • Mrs. Runde's Interactive Math Journals: Chances are, you've seen this file or heard of it. Yet if you haven't, it is a phenomenal resource. This 165-page file includes 38 different math journal activities with descriptions, recommendations, and templates. Download the 18-page preview to see her Table of Contents and the first activity, which is the Operations Review. 
  • Mrs. Runde's Math Reflection Fans: Another really good, very well presented resource! 
  • Math Concept Posters: This is the last Mrs. Runde-related resource I am featuring for now. These pages are VERY, very well-made. The borders and decor are impressive. 
  • Math Stations for Middle Grades: This resource from Laura Candler (for grades 3-8) ALWAYS impressed me. So do many of her other resources. 
  • Laura Candler's Resources and Freebies: Laura has tons of freebies that are very impressive. My students have done her data activity for Valentine's Day and played some of her games, one of them being "Place Value Partners". 
  • The Math Penguin: I am also a fan of The Math Penguin, a.k.a. The Science Penguin. Her blogs are print-rich and interesting. I love how she shares her ideas. You can find a link to her Teachers Pay Teachers resources through her weblog. 
  • 4Mula Fun's Resources: Just like Arianne above, I'm come to know this awesome teacher in just a few days, too. This is a direct link to Jennifer's Teachers Pay Teachers store. 
Well, hopefully I've provided you with something with this first content post.