Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello... I'm Victoria.

Welcome! My name is Victoria, and I am in my tenth year of teaching. This year, though, I am doing something different than I have before-- I transferred schools and now I am teaching fifth grade Gifted. Since I was young, I knew I wanted to teach Gifted, though I didn't know the time in which it would exactly happen.

There are a lot of things that fascinate me... I could go on and on. Traveling and writing are probably at the top of my list. Traveling to England is a pretty substantial dream of mine, and I also want to be able to visit all fifty states. (So far, I have been to half, and New York, Wisconsin, Georgia, Virginia, and obviously Florida are my favorites.) Obviously, Hawaii, Alaska, and California are high on my list for states I want to visit, and city-wise, I would love to be able to visit Boston, Massachusetts. As for writing, I enjoy writing children's books-- two of them being Second Chances and Etola's Keeper. Eventually, I would love to publish my works, particularly Etola's Keeper

Photography and art are also high on my list. Photography has been one of my most treasured hobbies since high school, and I began delving into the wonders of graphic design when I was a freshman in college. I maintained a website and forums through my college years--, and then in my second year of teaching, I started Now, I maintain I believe it's even more exciting than uploading content to work on the layouts, which I hand-sketch. I honestly cannot tell you how I do it, but I taught myself when I worked on a HyperStudio project about Thomas Alva Edison in my junior year of college. 

I also love performing arts-- singing and acting, though I am not the most phenomenal at either. However, both bring me joy, and I love a GOOD show. Eventually, I want to see Phantom of the Opera and possibly The Lion King on Broadway. 

My favorite places to travel to are St. Augustine, Florida, Washington D.C., and Savannah, Georgia. In St. Augustine, I love getting a gourmet ice pop at Hyppo or shopping at Christmastime at one of the stores that sells beautiful, intricate, handcrafted items as much as visiting the historical sites. The serenity that comes with a captivating sunset on St. Augustine Beach (or preferably, Washington Oaks Gardens State Park) is alluring. In Washington, D.C., nothing beats taking one of the monument tours by moonlight-- and having the opportunity to see Abraham Lincoln's memorial illuminated in the pitch black of night. Of course, the Smithsonian museums are unbelievable, and I will never forget when one of my dearest friends was in tears when she saw our nation's flag that had been raised at Fort McHenry at the Museum of History. In Savannah, a few of my favorite places are Kitchens on the Square and Leopold's Ice Cream, though visiting the lighthouse and fort are very high on my list as well. I cannot go to cities like those three without bringing at least a few historical souvenirs home each time. 

I have always loved learning as well-- and I am grateful I am able to be a teacher because I can tie all my passions together to inspire a new generation of learners. 

Nice to meet you!

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